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Located in the vibrant Harlem neighborhood within the global metropolis of New York, and a vital part of the City University of New York, the world’s largest and most diverse urban public university, CUNY SPH is known for our innovative programs and our inclusive culture. As New York City’s public school of public health, CUNY SPH is committed to advancing health equity and social justice locally and globally; creating affordable, accessible, and supportive educational opportunities for all, including students from underrepresented communities, working adults, and first-generation scholars; and preparing public health professionals for the challenges of tomorrow.


To improve health and social justice in New York City and across the globe.


To promote and sustain healthier populations in New York City and around the world through excellence in education, research, and service in public health and by advocating for sound policy and practice to advance social justice and improve health outcomes for all.


We strive to incorporate health equity into everything we do.
We apply a health equity approach to our work and acknowledge the legacy of health inequities and racism experienced by marginalized populations. In order to address the public health needs of society we must first acknowledge the origins and impact of unequal treatment.

We provide access to excellent educational programs for all students.
As New York City’s premier public school of public health, we deliver rigorous and affordable in-class and online graduate education that prepares our graduates for professional success. We provide access for people who have historically been excluded from higher education,
celebrate the broad diversity of our community of learners, and build meaningful relationships between students and faculty that support student achievement.

We believe that public service is a duty and a responsibility.
As a public school of public health located in Harlem, we believe that responsible engagement with our surrounding communities is a priority and an essential part of our identity. We also believe that an important tenet of the school’s mission is to use our intellectual resources and talent to advance global public health efforts and improve well-being.

We are a respectful, diverse, and inclusive community.
We believe that diversity strengthens our school and offers essential insights into public health problems and solutions. In all of our efforts, we endeavor to center the voices of those who have been historically excluded and respect the dignity of each individual.

We believe collaboration leads to innovative and impactful research, programs, and policies.
Our collaborative approach reaches across academic departments and disciplines within CUNY SPH and throughout CUNY, and extends to research, education, and practice with national and international schools of public health. We collaborate with community groups, NGOs, and other organizations to improve public health at home and abroad.

Please click here to learn more about the CUNY SPH strategic planning process and to view the full CUNY SPH Strategic Framework.[/cuny_text_box][cuny_separator style=”single”][cuny_text_box]

CUNY’s Commitment

CUNY is committed to providing an educational and workplace environment free from any form of unlawful discrimination and sexual misconduct. Moreover, at CUNY, we promote and support a diverse culture of excellence, mutual respect, inclusion, and professionalism. Please click here to see CUNY’s Policies on equal opportunity and nondiscrimination, sexual misconduct, and accommodations.[/cuny_text_box][cuny_text_box]Please click here to review the memorandum reaffirming CUNY SPH’s commitment to diversity, equal opportunity, and affirmative action.[/cuny_text_box][/vc_column][/vc_row]